District23 represents an idea of accepting who you are, and being the best version of yourself possible. We want our customers to know that they are supported and valued. That is why we promote a positive and inspirational outlook on life through one of the most powerful tools possible – fashion.

In this day and age it is easy to get wrapped up in the negatives – and we all know life isn’t easy. But we at District23 believe in the power of positivity and how it will change your outlook on life.

We are very much a “give back” brand. You give us five minutes of your time by purchasing one of our t-shirts and we’ll give you something much more valuable; a new outlook on life. We take pride in the message we put out there. It’s not about sales, and it never has been. It’s always ben about putting our customers first and giving them something unique in return.

District23 knows it can’t change the world. But if one t-shirt can change someones attitude and outlook then anything is possible.

Since its inception in November 2013, and its official launch in February 2014, District23 has gained and international following while being applauded for its efforts as a finalist at the IPSE 2015 Freelancer of the Year Awards alongside its founder Caitlin McEvoy.

We promise to change your outlook on life and hope to instil positive change to you and those around you with our motivational products.